Cambro 16CW - Full Size x 6" Deep - Camwear Cold Food Pan - Choose Color (Polycarbonate Plastic - Temperatures from -40° to 210°F - Holds Temp as Well as Metal Pans)

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Cambro 16CW135 Cold Food Pan - Clear
  • Cambro 16CW135 Cold Food Pan - Clear
  • Cambro 16CW110 Cold Food Pan - Black
  • Cambro 16CW Full Size Cold Food Pans
  • Zesco Item No.: 117-D-414
  • Mfg. Item No.: 16CW
  • Usually Ships: 1 Day (Business Days)

You Pay: $17.51 Each

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Cambro 16CW - Full Size x 6" Deep - Camwear Cold Food Pan - Choose Color
Polycarbonate Plastic - Temperatures from -40° to 210°F - Holds Temp as Well as Metal Pans

Cambro 16CW Cold Food Pans are for displaying, transporting, and storage of foods. Stackable, with or without covers. Drain shelves help support food and allow drainage. FDA approved materials.


  • Cambro Camwear® Food Pan
  • Full Size x 6" Deep
  • 20.6 Qt. Approximate Capacity
  • Polycarbonate Plastic
  • Withstands Temperatures from -40° to 210°F
  • Won’t React with Food and Minimizes Acidic Reactions
  • Camwear Pans Keep Contents as Cold as Metal Pans with Less Condensation
  • Uniform 1/2" Flange Ensures the Right Fit
  • Molded-in Graduations (Standard and Metric)
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Available in Black or Clear
  • NSF Listed

Dimensions:  12-3/4" WIDE x 20-7/8" LONG x 6" TALL
Warranty:  TWO YEAR Pro-rated Warranty (Material Defect Only)

Note:  Not for use in microwave or steam table. Use H-Pan™ models instead.

Comparing Food Pans

Crestware 2001 - Food Hotel Pan - Full Size x 1-1/4 Deep

Food pans are essential kitchen items that your staff uses daily. From prep to cooking to clean up, food pans have multiple functions in the kitchen, but there are differences between the types of food pans available. You have the option of different sizes, thickness, materials and accessories to build your stock, and Zesco has it all. Choose a variety of food pans according to your kitchen needs to be able to run your kitchen as efficiently as possible.


Steel food pans are one of the most versatile type of food pan available. You can transfer steel food pans from the freezer to the oven or use a perforated pan in a steamer. These pans are easy to clean and highly durable. Choose a perforated pan when steaming food due to the perforations on the bottom which allow water to drain quickly, preventing soggy food.

Cold Food Pans

Great for catering, cold pans keep your food cool (at or below 41 degrees Fahrenheit) without using ice. These pans can withstand temperatures from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 210 degrees. Place the plastic cold pan into the freezer overnight and fill it with your food that needs to stay chilled. The cold pan will keep it cold for up to eight hours.

Cambro 42CW - Fourth (Quarter) Size x 2-1/2 Deep - Cold Food Pans

High Heat

High heat pans made of plastic are also versatile in the fact that they can go from the refrigerator to the oven or microwave to the steam table. Able to withstand temperatures from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 300 degrees, they are resistant to food acids and oils while also being dishwasher safe.


Ideal for delis, supermarkets, family-style dining and buffets, Melamine pans provide the look and feel of china without the expense and are durable for food preparation and display. A great use for Melamine pans is catering a salad bar, keeping your food cold while still looking elegant.

In addition to your food pans, there are many accessories you can add on to make your kitchen more productive. For example, colander pans help liquids drain directly into the food pan below it for easy disposal, ideal for prepped produce or storing seafood/meat. Drain shelves rest in the bottom of food pans to allow for drainage, keeping your food fresher for a longer period of time. And don’t forget to purchase matching lids to all of your food pans.

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Cambro 16CW Cold Food Pan
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Cambro 16CW - Full Size x 6" Deep - Camwear Cold Food Pan - Choose Color